Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1. Tie Dye Your Bedding!

What's more fun than tie dying? Exactly, you can't answer that because it is awesome. Take out that tie dye kit that you got for your eleventh birthday and put it to use. Take your old white bed sheets & pillow cases (or even better do what I did and take them from your parents without asking) then submerge them in dye! Better yet, invite your friend over and make it a tie dye party like Lizzie Mcguire did in the "Pool Party" episode. Tie dyed sheets are the perfect way to add some spunk to your bedroom.

Here are some tricks to making the perfect tie dyed bedding!

  • 1. Gather your supplies. Use a white or light-colored cotton sheet. If your sheet is new, wash it once or twice to remove any protective finish. Decide on at least two colors of dye. Make sure the colors you choose will make your bed room look rad.
  • 2. Prepare the sheet. Spread the sheet out flat. Gather a section of sheet, twist it and secure it with a rubber band. Repeat this across the surface of the entire sheet. The size and number of the sections can vary according to the look you are trying to achieve. Once your sheet is tied, hang it over a clothes line outside.
  • 3. Prepare the dye. Read the instructions as they may vary across different brands. Mix according to your brand's instructions. Unless your particular dyes come with bottles, pour the mixed dye solution into squirt or spray bottles.
  • 4. Put on gloves and apply the dye. Spray your sheets with the dye solutions in your bottles. If you get dye on your skin, wash it off right away (unless tie dyed hands is your kind of thing) . The fabric needs to stay wet with dye for at least two to three hours. If you live in a very hot, arid area, you may want to perform the dying process in the cooler hours of early morning or evening so that your sheet won't dry too quickly.
  • 5. Take down your sheets and untie them. Wash them in cold water first and then in hot water. You might want to wash them separately the first few times afterward, as they might leak some color onto other clothing items. Eventually, the colors should not run at all upon washing.

  • My beautiful tie dyed bed!

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