Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5. Turn your dad's denim jacket into a denim vest

My vest
Let's face it, all dads used to look like Uncle Jesse

I'm not sure about you, but I think that a denim vest is one of the essentials when it comes to clothing. They go with everything! I personally wear mine all the time with a floral dress, black tights and my Doc Martens. Or you could wear them over a sweatshirt, or maybe even with a poofy tutu-like dress/skirt and be like Madonna! I promise, creating a jean vest will not only keep you entertained for awhile but it will come in handy the next time you need to add some flavor to your outfit.

1.The first thing that you must do is ask your mom or dad if they have an old jean jacket hanging around the house.
-If they say yes, then ask them if they mind you cutting off the sleeves. If they say no to that then do it anyways (just kidding).
-If they say no, then ask them to drive you to Good Will or Value Village pronto. 
2.Once you have persuaded your parents to give/buy you a jacket, then cut off the sleeves. When you are cutting off the sleeves try to cut right where it is stitched so that it won't fray too much.
3.Look around your room for pins and patched of your favorite bands. If you don't have any, then take some from your siblings or parents. If they catch you then you can go on Ebay or Etsy and order some. They usually don't cost more than $3.00 each.
4. Now put it on and look in the mirror to see how bad ass you look.

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