Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3. Read through all the journals that you have kept throughout the years

Front/back of my journal that I kept when I was 5 years old...as you can tell I had a thing for Spongebob and trashy glittery stickers.

Sometimes when I am feeling nostalgic, which is usually all the time, I whip out all of the journals that I have kept through out the years and read them. I wish that I had been better at keeping a diary when I was younger because now that I look through them I notice that there are a lot of empty pages and scribbles that I called art. I guess that I always liked the idea of writing in a notebook every night, but I never made it a habit. However, I did write in it every once in a while and I thank goodness for that. 
Reading through your thoughts when your were 5, 6, 7, or whatever is a really fun thing to do every few years. My advice to you, bored teenage girl, is to walk over to your book shelf right now, go to the bottom shelf, dig up those journals and read them in chronological order to see how you have grown through your years of being alive. And if you want you can turn on some Spice Girls or Michelle Branch to re-live those moments as a elementary schooler. 

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  1. I read my journals like every month. whoever you are i love u dude