Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6. Obsess over Joan Jett

Me obsessing over my Joan Jett records
Like I have mentioned previously, I am pretty much in love with Joan Jett. 2 years ago, (during my freshman year in high school) I legitimately thought that I was Joan Jett. I had the hair cut, I had the leather jackets, I even bought a few small t shirts from the 70s and a couple of pairs of bell bottoms. Every morning I put on dark eye makeup and heavy blush then went off to school. The problem was that although I looked like her on the outside, I did not have the "tough persona" that she has. You see, I have pretty much always been a very nice and gentle person and so in the end I was "giving a damn about my good reputation".I did indeed try to break my warm hearted shell by punching this guy in the face. And lets just say it did not go as planned... I was in Language Arts class and this kid, who shall not be named, was being kind of rude to my friend, so I thought "what a perfect time to look tough and punch someone in the face". Before I did it, I warned him that if he did not stop, I would punch him. But he did not. So BAM. I punched him in the most awkward spot like right in between his eyebrow and his eye. At first he looked at me with a confused look in his eye, then he said "What the heck? I was just kidding...That actually really hurt." I felt so guilty, I can't even explain. I was expecting him to punch me back or yell at me or something! But instead he just looked sad and ignored me. This story really has no lesson because nothing changed after that. I still went home into my bedroom and blasted my Joan Jett records. I think that Joan Jett's albums are the perfect thing to listen to when you are a lonely and angsty teenage girl because her voice and lyrics bring out the power within you and make you want to do things that you never thought you would do.

So go grab your Joan Jett records/tapes/CDs/or illegally downloaded albums and blast them as loud as possible. 

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