Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7. Dress in every decade

I am so out of breath, I can't even tell you. You are probably asking "Audrey, why are you out of breath?" and I am about to answer that  for you all.

The reason that I am so out of breath is because I just tore through my wardrobe to find and outfit for every era. It was so much fun and extremely exhausting. You should totally try it! It is both a work out and can keep you busy for a couple of hours!

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are picking out your outfits.

The 1940s- The toughest one. When dressing in the 40s it is important to be wearing a dress. Try to find one that is about knee length and has a high neck line. Color does not really matter, but while researching fashion back in the 1940s I learned that  dark purples and blues were often popular. As far as hair and make up, try to find a cute wool hat to match your dress and some dark purple or brown lipstick. Then top it off with a pair of classy heels! 

The nifty fifties- My favorite! For a authentic 1950s look, try and find dress similar to the one you used in your forties look, but make it more colorful! If you did not find the perfect dress (like me), pair a below the knee a-line skirt with a cute sweater and you are set. For the hair, there are plenty of options. You could try a beehive, or if you want to waste some time then you can curl it. If you are feeling lazy like I was, then just put your hair in a high pony tale. For make up, you could go with out wearing any. But if you want you can put on some red lipstick. When your all done, but on some Keds or some vintage saddle shoes & a pair of cat eye glasses and   you are ready to roll!

The nineteen sixties!- Ah, this one is lots of fun! First you must find a dress/romper with a bold pattern. Make sure that it short and has a lot of vibrant colors. Then, find a pair of platform heels to top off the outfit and make your legs look a million miles long. Finally, back comb your hair (and maybe put on a headband) and smother your eye lids in liquid eye liner and false lashes and you are all set!

70s! 70s! 70s!- For a 1970s groovy look you want to find vibrant colors that come in the form of a dress, flow-y shirt, scarf, or bell bottoms. Try not to use big prints, but instead small paisley or floral patterns. For your hair, part it down the middle and wrap a scarf around your head. Wear no make up and no shoes!

 It's time for the 80s- (Caution dressing up like you are from the the 1980s can easily make you look like you're wearing a trashy Halloween costume.) For a non-trashy eighties look, try and find something hat was actually made IN THE EIGHTIES. This is important. Shoulder pads are a must, and also lots and lots of funky colors. If you are feeling festive, then put on tons of colorful make up and cover your arms in jelly bracelets. If you are like me, and the 1980s is your least favorite decade then go for something more simple like a semi-funky dress and a jean vest or jacket. I did no own any good shoes for this outfit, but it is very 80s to wear two different colored high tops. As for hair, put it into a side pony tail and you are golden.

The grungy 90s- Here is a simple rule for a authentic 90s look; don't try. Start out with finding a plaid base piece, (this can be a dress, a flannel shirt, a skirt, etc). Then throw on a big denim or army jacket and some combat boots (leave them un-tied). Don't wear any make up and don't was your hair!

Congratulations, you have just completed the challenge of dressing through the decades.


  1. Great post!!I love every outfit, I definitely must try this!
    My favorite is the 80's inspired one, but all the dresses are stunning especially the red and the daisies one!!

  2. Wow these are all such great looks! It reminds me of when my school put on a play called "Rocking through the Decades" about music from different decades. I can't believe you had all of these amazing looks and dresses in your closet! Amazing.